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He Shou Wu
"All Natural Gray Hair Supplement"
The Most Powerful He Shou Wu Available!

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12:1 High Potency Extract!
More Hair - Less Gray!
For Men And Women
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1 Month Supply - 60 Tablets

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He Shou Wu works to nourish the liver and kidney creating a better blood flow to the scalp and providing more nourishment to the head, thus creating healthier hair!

• Experience The Most Amazing Longevity Herb Of All ! "He Shou Wu"

He Shou Wu is also known as Fo Ti, Shou Wu or Shou Wu Pian

4 Things You Should Know When Buying He Shou Wu

1. Observe The Label. You want to see at least 1,000 mg dosage (Usually this is split by two 500mg tablets) if the company won't show you the label ... run the other way.

2. Is It A 1 Month Supply? "You Get What You Pay For" There are some well known vitamin and herbal companies selling He Shou Wu and only giving you a 15 day supply. Customers usually think there getting a deal, but half way through the month find out why. Look at the serving size! Here are some examples of a 15 day supply. A 30 tablet bottle with a dose of 2 tablets once a day. A 60 tablet bottle with a dose of 2 tablets twice a day. A 100 tablet bottle with a dose of 3 tablets twice a day. All of these combination's are falling short of the bar.
They do this because it makes the price "appear" to be half as much as there competitors.

3. Proprietary Blends. Most He Shou Wu or Hair Growth products on the market do not work because they do not actually have enough He Shou Wu or Fo Ti Root in them. Reason being that they blend it with other ingredients and have fancy names like (proprietary blend) so they don't have to tell you how much He Shou Wu is actually in it

4. How Potent Is Your He Shou Wu? One way you can gauge the potency of your He Shou Wu is by finding out if it is an Extract. Extracts can be 10, 20 or even 100 times the concentration of a powder. For Example If you compared a 500mg tablet of Shou Wu powder to a 500mg tablet of Shou Wu 12:1 extract you would find it would take twelve 500mg tablets of the powder to equal one 500mg tablet of 12:1 extract. Which one do you think offers the best results? The irony is that powders are often marked up very high, and while extracts cost vitamin companies much more it might not cost you more. Here's one way to look at it. We know that twelve 500mg powder tablets equal one 500mg 12:1 extract tablet. Lets say the extract version costs 3 times more; however you get close to 7 times more He Shou Wu so the value clearly lies with the extract. Also remember that the higher the extract ratio is the more potent and concentrated it is! Natures Elements offers the purest and most potent He Shou Wu as a 12:1 extract. This Extract is contained in both our original He Shou Wu, Advanced Shou Wu and our DHT Blocker supplement.

How Our He Shou Wu Differs From The Rest:
Natures Elements
High Potency 12:1 Extract
No Extract
Less Potent
1 Month Supply
15 Day Supply
1 Dosage
Only 2 Tablets Per Day
3-5 Dosages
9-15 Tablets Per Day

He Shou Wu Is A Tonic Worthy Of Taking For The Rest Of One's Life

For centuries, the Chinese have talked about an all natural herbal formula and its ability to bring back hair to its original natural color. Now for the first time in centuries, this time-tested Chinese formula is being brought to the U.S. It's called He Shou Wu which literally means "the man with dark hair" in Chinese. Originating from the People's Republic of China, He Shou Wu is also commonly referred to as Fo Ti. This amazing supplement is extracted from the ancient medicinal herb of the nutrient rich root of the wild Eastern Rose Plant. He Shou Wu is scientifically termed polygonum multiflorum and is a close relative to resveratrol. Both He Shou Wu and resveratrol have been suggested to extend lifespan.

He Shou Wu is the most amazing longevity tonic of all. He Shou Wu is still used today in TCM to help prevent premature hair loss, graying, and to regulate excessive aging by tonifying the Liver and Kidney functions. It is also known for nourishing the blood, and fortifying the tendons, muscles and bones. He Shou Wu may reduce cholesterol in part to its lecithin content. All these reasons are what make He Shou Wu a tonic worthy of taking for the rest of one's life.

Legend Of He Shou Wu

The legend states Mr. He was a 58 year old man who was depressed because he was impotent and unable to have children. While wandering in the forests one day he came across a plant that reminded him of two lovers, when he dug up the roots they resembled a man and a woman. Taking this as a sign he ground up the root and started using the herb. Within a few months he felt increased vitality and within a year his hair turned from white to black. That is where the name He Shou Wu, translated to Mr. He's Black Hair, was found. But not only did it turn Mr. He's hair back to black, he lived on to have 12 children and 130 years old.
He Shou Wu is a Jing Tonic

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that all health obstacles are caused by imbalances within our bodies. Problems can occur when an excess amount of moisture, heat, dryness, cold, toxins, phlegm or stagnation build up. This can cause an unbalanced or shortness of vital energies known as the three Treasures: Qi (Vitality), Shen (Spirit) and Jing (Essence). Good health is only achieved when the body is considered to be in perfect balance. He Shou Wu is a Jing Tonic widely known for helping to prevent premature aging. He Shou Wu is an extraordinary herb for the liver and kidneys, fortifying the ligaments tendons and bones. He Shou Wu is known for increasing sperm and making ova more vital, making it an excellent fertility herb.

He Shou Wu Is Also Known As Fo Ti

Fo Ti is a native specie of China and serves as one of the most powerful herbs. Fo Ti is known for restoring natural hair color and preventing it from graying. People who have used Fo Ti have seen improvement in reducing gray hair and some notice that the hair gradually returns to its original color. In addition
Fo Ti may relieve pain within the knees, relieve lower back pain, and boost the immune system.

Nature’s Elements provides the best and purest form of He Shou Wu. This hair growth herb contains a powerful 12:1 extract of He Shou Wu. A 12:1 extract means that out of 120 pounds only 10 pounds of extracted ingredients are used resulting in a higher concentration for the tablets. This concentrated form of He Shou Wu allows us to put 1000 mg of He Shou Wu in each serving.This potency is not commonly found in other products, so don’t be fooled by imitators whose product may contain less milligrams and/or no extracted formula. Competitors often sell less potent products requiring you to take up to 3 tablets, 3 times a day. That's a total of 9 tablets! Because our He Shou Wu is so concentrated you only need to consume 2 tablets once a day.

He Shou Wu Is More Than An Herb For Gray Hair

He Shou Wu is not meant to be merely a medicine to restore hair color despite its name. It got its name because of the herb Fo Ti that has a reputation for improving the hair and restoring color. But Chinese herbalism is holistic and has as its aim to restore balance and health to the whole person. Graying hair, particularly premature graying is seen as a sign of imbalance and diminished health. The herbs primary goal is to increase overall health and thereby in time it often will improve the health and youthfulness of the hair as well. That particular effect might not appear for many months. To expect to see significant changes in the hair in two months or less is unusual. What you should look for is whether you are seeing signs of improved health such as energy, sleep, mood, digestion etc. This herbal formula would be contraindicated for someone with digestive weakness no matter if they have gray hair or not.


He Shou Wu is generally considered to be a safe herb, but should not be used during a severe illness such as cold and/or flu, or during an infection. Those with Spleen deficiency and/or those who commonly experience loose stools, diarrhea, poor appetite or chronic digestive weakness should use with caution. Anyone with illness, liver/ kidney problems, frequent use of alcohol or taking any medications as well as pregnant or lactating women should consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Stop use and see a physician if you develop any symptoms that indicate liver problems such as brown urine, light colored stools, jaundice, fever, vomiting. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Keep out of reach of children.

How Long Should I Take He Shou Wu?

He Shou Wu is taken daily with two small easy to swallow tablets. Each bottle of He Shou Wu contains a 1-month supply. Although He Shou Wu may work quicker from one individual to the next, we recommend you use He Shou Wu on a daily basis. After consistent use for at least 3-4 months, you should begin to see and feel results. You will achieve continued results the longer you are on the product. Be sure to order an ample supply. Natural supplements are designed to create a holistic balance within the body and can take time to propagate through your system. Be patient stick with it...you’ll be glad you did!

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You can choose monthly or bi-monthly auto-ship by opting in from the Auto-Ship drop down menu below and choosing your shipment interval. In your first shipment you will receive a letter that states your next auto-ship date. After your receive 3 bottles you can do nothing and continue receiving regular shipments or you can cancel by calling us at 1-877-223-2626 or emailing at info@natureselements.net. There is no fee for canceling.

Our Auto-Ship feature may benefit you while taking this product and can provide you with the following benefits:


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Customer Reviews
Product rating
  • Author: Wendy
    I tried so many things for my hair. He Shou Wu was not only the easiest to take, but it was the most effective.
  • Author: Jay A.
    I've been on He Shou Wu for 3 months now and the results are amazing. I can't wait to see what I look like in the summer!
  • Author: Mary T.
    I started to see results after only 2 months. And now I've been for 4 months and it just keeps looking better and better.
  • Author: Ken
    Great product. Worked for me!
  • Author: more
    did not work, as well as i thought it was
  • Author: kathy
    i am very excited, only been on it a few week and i am seeing dark hairs starting to come out.
  • Author: john
    less gray hairs for me too
  • Author: linda
    tried taking the pills for 4 mos, then I stopped. After several months, I experienced hair loss again.
  • Author: MARY LOU
  • Author: ann
    I,ve taken the product for 3 months, but I don,t see any difference at all in my hair or body.
  • Author: Mirella
    This product is great! After taking He Shou Wu for a month my hair started growing again on spots where it was only falling out for over 5 years. And all over my hair is growing so fast!
  • Author: Lana
    whoever is contemplating whether they should try this product, my advise to you: dont waste any more time dwelling upon it - order it now! My hair is apparently fuller, healthier and longer after 7 months using it. I do love this product and recommend it to everyone!
  • Author: Alexavel
    There is some other factors to be considered in order to make it work. Stop with junkie fat processed food , consider genetics and also saw palmetto root needs to be added for DHT levels which is the main cause for hair loss good luck for you all
  • Author: Donna. L
    Thank you so much! The service was excellant and the price was very reasonable. What I like about these is that they are very easy to swallow and I take them first thing in the morning everyday. I plan to order from you again.
  • Author: Michael. J
    in 1 month omg thats all i can say.. for real the bestestssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss stuff EVER!
  • Author: John Thierry
    My hair was falling out, the comb would
    be full of hair, now it stop falling out. my
    gray hair has darken .
  • Author: Ram
    did not work for me
  • Author: allan
    01-31-12 after taking this product for 4 weeks very little fine hairs are showing crown of my head. Grey still there. Update next month
  • Author: Maria
    I bought a product called MelanPlus and is supposed to also reverse grey hair. Im on my 2nd bottle and have seen NO results=(. I bought 4 bottles (for 4 months) Don't know if I should keep taking or buy this product. Seems like it works,other than the few reviews where it didn't. Is it worth trying or should I just accept my grey hair=( I'm only 24.
  • Author: Billy Ray
    I've notice my pubic hairs have turn black, but not the hair on my head. I guess you can say I'm half way there.
  • Author: Theresa S
    Please send me Auto-Ship 1 bottle a month.Your product is great my husband is seeing results already
  • Author: kathlee
    its worth trying
  • Author: Dumie
    Im an African and would like to try this Chinese stuff if it will work for me. Stay tuned I will come back with an update.
  • Author: Sabrina
    I be willing to try almost anything if it can give me stronger,longer,more youthful looking hair like i had in my twenties and also Chinese&Japanese [people r very smart and wise so this may be a great product to try.
  • Author: Marc
    I bought 4 bottle of the product and will try it for 4 months and will let you know about it after.
  • Author: Gina
    I will start by saying that the customer service here is Excellent, a very nice gentleman by the name of Richard assisted me, he told me more things about the He Shou Wu that encouraged me to get on auto ship and trust me, you will definitely want to get this on auto ship.These pills started to work for me the very first time I took them, they are better than the other brands of he shou wu,it's true this brand here is more potent than any other he shou wu. You get your money worth,these pills has strengthen my kidneys, my body is functioning so well now,I also ordered the bladder relief and these two work so GREAT together,so for anyone out there with the condition had,(past tense)because my body is completely healed,and I've only been taking these pill for one month.They work!
  • Author: Barbara
    I've been on for about 3 months and my hair color has improved tremendously! As the time goes on there are less and less greys. I am thrilled.. what a great product!
  • Author: sherry
    does it really work. i have tryed many like go away grey and i still have the same grey hair i started with 3monthes ago
  • Author: Jason
    I've been on it for 3 months. I still have some grey hairs but one surprising benefit I noticed is I normal bowel movements ever since taking this. He Shou WU has so many healing properties besides just changing your hair color. I was someone who suffered from upset stomachs often and have had very little of it since taking this. I am still waiting to see if my hair color changes and will begin my 4 month soon. But the other benefits make it worthwhile too.
  • Author: Fran
    First, let me say that I plan to update my posts every couple of weeks or so, so as to track the progress. I will say this, that after only two days of using this product, I have stopped suffering from constipation, which is a huge deal for me. I am not 100 percent certain that it is the product that did this, but since I started using it, absolutely no constipation. I also have noticed more energy. And I am allergic to just about everything, and I have not had a sinus headache since beginning. Will update at the end of the week.
  • Author: june
    Is very good
  • Author: Kate
    It helped my gray hair.. Made it much healthier too. And I've noticed some compliments :) which helps as well
  • Author: Michelle Foushee (micki2676@satx.rr.com)
    Just ordered and waiting to try product. I'm excitied!
  • Author: Merrie Ball
    I make a tea out of the root! Its great stuff! MCB
  • Author: Jay
    I am suffering from hair lost, I have been on the product for almost a month now, and have not seen any result. Instead of taking 2 pills a day, I have been taking 3 instead. Althought a little disappointed, but I still have faith in the product. Hope it would indeed work as it claims to be. I would do anything to bring my hair back. Wish us all luck. Amen!
  • Author: Ryan
    Not so good
  • Author: tony
    Zero effects. In fact it seems as if I grew more gray hairs. However, I did feel a difference internally which was one positive.
  • Author: John T
    Some reviewers here do not understand herbal medicine. This herbal formula is not meant to be merely a medicine to restore hair color despite its name. It got its name because of the herb he shou wu, just one of the herbs contained in it, has a reputation for improving the hair and restoring color. But Chinese herbalism is holistic and has as its aim to restore balance and health to the whole person. Graying hair, particularly premature grating is seen as a sign of imbalance and diminished health. The formulas primary goal is to increase overall health and thereby in time it often will improve the health and youthfulness of the hair as well. That particular effect might not appear for many months. To expect to see significant changes in the hair in three months or less is ridiculous. What you should look for is whether you are seeing signs of improved health such as energy, sleep, mood, digestion etc. if you want to learn more Letha hadaddys book is good. You can learn to use Chinese tongue analysis to help you evaluate how herbs are working for you by looking at tongue coloration, coating, etc. this herbal formula would be contraindicated for someone with digestive weakness no matter if they have gray hair or not.
  • Author: frank
    very good
  • Author: Jacob
    Hello to all,

    I have been using this product for 2 months now with no results. I hope I ll get some results in my third month of use. Could someone confirm how long it takes for this product to get back your black hair ?
  • Author: Angela
    I've been taking He Shou Wu for 2 months then I switched to He Shou Wu 12:1 Extract and I have not seen any differences in my hair. The grays are still coming in like crazy I was so hoping this would work OH WELL
  • Author: Sandra
    I want to know if we can take this during pregnancy. Can somebody professioal advise?
  • Author: Suma G Nathan
    The Best...I also take another Chinese Formula for Hair, Skin & Nails, but this one Tweeked it!!! and as far as the Pregnancy, I would advise to wait until after!!
    Exceptional results..try some wheat grass with it....Suma G Nathan,Holistic Health Practitioner Internet Holistic Health Show
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